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I Officially Hate Ellen DeGeneres

I Officially Hate Ellen DeGeneres published on

I’ve spent little time watching Ellen DeGeneres’ show ( not being dumb, I can bear only so much idiotic blithering, celebrity worship and hideously bad dancing,) so it never registered before how massive an asshole she is. I must say, though, that I’ve held her rather suspect for quite a few months, ever since I saw her asking Celine Dion ( the only woman in the world whose dance moves even begin to match the ineptitude of DeGeneres’ ) when her son’s going to get his hair cut! The amount of hypocrisy required for a short haired-lesbian who dresses like a man to call out a little boy for having long hair should have tipped me off that she was yet another male-bashing dirtbag, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt – she just seems so nice, you know?

Anyway, in this video DeGeneres complains about those “women’s” pens that came out a while back and uses the opportunity to throw in bullshit about the wage gap, women needing men to read things for them, nobody wanting to know what a woman thinks, and the lack of a female president. Pretty much all the usual feminist bullshit with the exception of complaints about “rape culture.”  Just goes to show that all too often these days, even under the most pleasant and affable of facades lies a screeching, feminist harpy.