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Lee Rigby Was No Hero

Lee Rigby Was No Hero published on 4 Comments on Lee Rigby Was No Hero

Not being Germaine Greer I am not keen on pissing on corpses while they are still warm(do a search for Germaine Greer + Steve Irwin + Diana Spencer if you don’t get that reference), but by now Rigby is about as cold as he’s gonna get so here is the news – the real news, not the BS propaganda being spouted by every MSM outlet including the supposedly left wing ones.

The British and other coalition armies are merely mercenaries working for the Amerikans as they try to expand their empire. That’s right, our armies are the villains now, not the heroes. They are not working to stop some genocidal, one-nutted maniac from taking over the world, they are working to help his modern equivalents achieve the same end. Under these circumstances it is sheer delusion to think of Lee Rigby as some sort of innocent victim. He was a willing member of an invasion force that killed thousands of civilians who were just sitting there mining their own business. Whether he killed anyone with his own hands is neither here nor there – at the very least, as a member of the Fire Support Group Division,he provided material support to those doing the killing.

Fact is, we are the villains in this war, hence Lee Rigby was a villain in this war. Westerners lamenting his passing is like the Germans lamenting the passing of one of their soldiers during WWII. Most Germans didn’t have the sense to realize they were the villains in WWII and most Brits, Yanks and Australians don’t seem to have the sense to realize who is wearing the black hats this time round. Look at it this way. Imagine that some group is receiving support from the UK government. Imagine that this group blows up some buildings in, for example, Russia. Imagine that the Russian government retaliates with an invasion that kills not just members of the UK government and the group it is harboring but also thousands of the country’s civilians. Meanwhile, Messrs Smith and Jones, who work for some UK company in Moscow, decide that the way to get back at the Russians is to find a Russian soldier – let’s call him Ivan – who was part of the invasion force and to kill him in a public and gruesome manner while shouting “God save the Queen.” Now, if Rigby’s supporters can tell me that “Ivan” was a hero and that Smith and Jones are scumbags, they can feel free to do the same with Rigby and his killers. If they can’t tell me that, then they should shut the fuck up, think about what is really going on, and then stop giving moral aid to the 21st century’s equivalent of the Nazi war machine.