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Mass Murderer Chris Kyle Shot to Death

Mass Murderer Chris Kyle Shot to Death published on

Chris Kyle, a highly successful paid assassin for the Amerikan Empire, has been shot dead by, appropriately enough, one of his fellow mercenaries.

Apparently Kyle was using what little humanity he possessed to help another soldier with his PTSD when the other bloke shot him dead. In typically disgusting Amerikan fashion, the primary reaction to Kyle’s death is that Amerika has lost a hero. The appropriate reaction is, of course, that the world has been rid of a psychopath who shot dead between 160-250 men and women trying to fight back against the invasion of their country.

This bastard hid 100s of feet away, then blew holes in people who were defending their homeland. He didn’t even have the guts to shoot them face to face! And he had no regrets about having a body count to rival that of famed mob assassin Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski. Even in his late thirties he showed no sign that he might have realized, now that the fury of youth was over, that maybe killing Iraqis fighting their country’s invaders was akin to shooting the French Resistance for standing up to the German forces.

No, Chris Kyle was proud of his murderous record and chose instead to distract us by focusing not on the Arab lives he took but the Amerikan lives he saved – but then, isn’t that what most snipers for any invading force say? For the Fatherland and the boys on the ground, said the Germans across Europe. For Mother Russia and her brave soldiers, said the Russians in Afghanistan. Butchers always have their excuses and Kyle was no different. His true attitude towards the people he slaughtered was reflected in the way he described one woman whom he killed as having “a twisted soul.” He’s the invader, he’s the aggressor, yet the one with a defective humanity is the victim trying to liberate her country.

For anyone too dense to understand the situation, here’s a civilian example. Kyle and his buddies burst into your house. While his buds steal everything you own and kill your family, Kyle stands watch with a gun in his hand – you make one wrong move and he shoots you dead. This is a hero? No. This is a thug, a psychopath, a murderer, or, as Fox News has put it, this is an Amerikan hero.

Fuck Kyle, fuck all his kind, and good riddance to bad rubbish.


I would like to apologize for comparing Chris Kyle to Richard Kuklinski. Kuklinski killed mostly criminals whereas Kyle killed mostly civilians, a crucial difference which should have led me to spare Mr. Kuklinski such an odious comparison.