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Anonymous Hacks U.S Sentencing Commission

Anonymous Hacks U.S Sentencing Commission published on

Hacktivist group Anonymous have hacked into website of the U.S. Sentencing Commission as revenge for the death of Aaron Swartz, the young internet activist recently driven to suicide by the Amerikan Empire’s draconian (and conveniently applied) laws.

The group is making several demands and threaten to release secret information if the demands are not met. The files containing the information are named after the Empire’s Supreme Court justices and are apparently encrypted, with the group saying it will soon release the encryption keys. We have not been given any clues about what is in the files. It could be the kind of thing that would make Watergate look small, or it could be photos of politicians humping sheep, or it could all be a huge con. Only time will tell.

Below is a video posted on the hacked site’s front page, and below that is a screengrab of the entire page just as it appeared after the hack ( the black space is where the video used to be, for some reason it didn’t turn up in the grab). The text is for the most part a transcript of the video, with a bit added at the bottom about how they made the entire site editable. Right click and “view image” for the full size version. Needless to say, I wait with bated breath for the next development.