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Why and How the Plutocracy is Destroying Patriarchy in the Lower Classes

Why and How the Plutocracy is Destroying Patriarchy in the Lower Classes published on

One of the most persistent and least-questioned feminist lies is that patriarchy and the plutocracy are partners in the oppression of just about everyone and everything on the planet.

The truth of the matter is that patriarchy – here defined as a social system in which fathers have more influence over the family unit’s thoughts and behaviors than mothers do – is a terrible danger to the plutocracy. Once you realize this, it becomes much easier to explain one of the most puzzling aspects of modern society – why a male-dominated society is so clearly and heavily anti-male and anti-father.

For reasons of clarity, here is my basic argument…

Premise One

The plutocrats have the intellect to know what will benefit them

Premise Two

The plutocrats are interested primarily in their own welfare

Premise Three

The plutocrats have the power to mold society to their liking


Providing that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, it is probable that the plutocrats will do what they can to make their lives easier, regardless of the damage inflicted on others.

Given the obviousness of the premises and the cogency of the reasoning, I fail to see how anyone could not agree with the conclusion. Yet somehow, as obvious as the premises are to most leftists, the actual conclusion never seems to occur to most of my fellow travelers. Blinded by ideology, they refuse to see that the plutocracy wants working class and middle class families to retain their patriarchal element about as much as I want to take a swim in a river full of bacon-loving piranhas.

So, having established that the bastards act primarily in their own interests and that they have the power to destroy the patriarchal element in the working and middle classes, how do we know that it is in their interests to do so?

Why it is being done

The plutocracy benefits from the obliteration of the patriarchal element by replacing the authority of the more rebellious parent with the authority of the more compliant parent. For the most part, it is men who rebel, men who fight back, and men who are more likely to teach their kids not to take any crap from the higher-ups. Even in families where neither parent invests much time in explicitly telling their kids these things there will be numerous messages taken on board through simple modeling — “This is how the parent with the most influence does it,” think the kiddies, “so this is how I will do it.” Get rid of dad, and you have removed a significant source of resistance.

How it is being done

The tactics are numerous, but they can be boiled down to three basic strategies.

1 – Portray men as unnecessary parents

This is not a hard thing to do when you control the television, movie and publishing industries, and when you have your willing allies in the feminist movement writing articles and books filled with pseudo-intellectual claptrap giving these biased portrayals “validity.” Fill the screens with male idiots who don’t know which end of the baby the diaper goes on, fill books and women’s magazines with lies about how easy it is for a single woman to raise kids by herself, and pretty soon you have a multitude of women who see fathers as optional accessories and a legion of men who see no point in becoming something as useless and redundant as a dad.

2 – Encourage the break up of families

For servants of the plutocracy who claim to be left wing this is an easy task. In addition to the negative portrayal of fathers, you simply turn out a torrent of movies, television shows, ads, and books portraying husbands as disposable buffoons who can’t even remember the color of their wives’ eyes, much less their birthday. Add to that the making of excuses for women who cheat on or abandon their husbands, and the next time a marriage is experiencing difficulties there is a greater chance that the wife will simply dump her husband.

If you are a servant of the plutocracy who claims to be right wing you have to be rather cautious about this. As many of your followers have an honest desire to keep the family unit intact you can’t be too proactive. You must limit most of your contribution to simply shutting up when the so-called left wing media portrays husbands as disposable buffoons, and sitting on your hands when your constituents ask you to make divorce harder and less profitable for both wives and their lawyers. In the end, the plutocracy gets its way and the illusion that you really do believe in “family values” is preserved.

3 – Make it harder for men to remain active parents once the marriage ends

Part of this job has already been done by painting fathers as inadequate parents. Add to this a media that portrays child abuse as a male dominated crime despite the statistics showing that it is the opposite which is true, the continuing perception that children “naturally” belong with the mother, family law judges who have spent the last thirty years listening to feminist propaganda, and you have a ready-made excuse to almost automatically hand custody of the kids over to the parent less likely to raise them to not take so much of your shit.

It’s that simple, and it’s what is happening around the developed world even as you read this.

I should point out that this destruction of patriarchy at the family level does not necessarily lead to an actual matriarchy at the community level. Just because moms run the community’s families doesn’t mean they run the community itself – ask a black man from a ghetto if you don’t believe me – but it does mean that you will have a weaker, more compliant bunch of peasants to push around. And to the psychopaths who run the world, that is all that matters.