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Michele Bachmann is a Message from God

Michele Bachmann is a Message from God published on 1 Comment on Michele Bachmann is a Message from God

Far right Christian Looney Toon Michele Bachmann claims that the recent earthquake (I didn’t even know they’d had one, so we aren’t exactly talking Japan here) and hurricane in the eastern US are messages from God telling Americans that, since they haven’t already suffered enough disasters, they should put a dominionist in the Oval Office.

I know the batty bitch says this crap with a smile on her face, but then plenty of people make jests in all seriousness, and given her radical religious views I think it more likely than not that she means it. Worse yet, I am damn (sorry, I meant darn) sure that Bachmann knows that’s  how her deranged followers are taking it.

If  Bachmann wasn’t such a thickie I might think that there was also a subtext here about god hating liberals, as the east coast is just crawling with those dastardly rats. As it is, I doubt she even knows what a subtext is, much less how to use one.

Does Bachmann stand any real chance of getting her party’s nomination? No. Does she stand a good chance of helping fellow nutball Rick Perry to get it by making him look more moderate by comparison? Yes, yes she does.

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The democratic underground appears to have hate issues against Jews and Blacks, all minority’s but swears they are their friends. The Dem’s have a hidden Agenda as did Adolf Hitler. The one thing that is a dead give away is the hate they show towards God and those who are Believers in a God. Just like Hitler, you can’t believe in God and kill Millions of Gods children. I tell you a lib politician is out for self gain and absolute power. I wish people would start thinking for themselves and maybe they would see the truth about Socialism. Only one degree away from Nazis or communist philosophy’s. In God We Trust