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The Slightly Yellow Peril

The Slightly Yellow Peril published on

Ah yes, if there’s one thing we can count on in this world is that idiocy and racism die hard. Here in Australia a clothing company called Bonds is trying to sucker us all into thinking they are our mates by choosing a few ordinary, everyday, garden variety ankle biters to appear in some of their ads.

That bit of corporate slyness, however, is not the topic of this post. What does have me pissed off is the way that some slack jawed female Neanderthals have taken to Facebook to vilify some of the kiddies entering the corporate sponsored vanity fest.

As could be expected the nastiness has flowed thick and fast, with all sorts of disparaging comments made about children too young and innocent to know Barney from a real dinosaur, or Dora the Explorer from Jennifer Lopez.

Ugly duckling this, horrid child that, the female sex’s deep seated love for the kiddies was all over the place. Things really got offensive when it came to Lilli Taylor, a Eurasian toddler who I suspect is secretly a General in the Red Army, with some boofhead declaring that…

“Bonds Australia not Asia”

Not only is this a rather low thing to say regarding a small child but it is asking for a definition of Australian that leaves out everyone who isn’t an aboriginal, which means that unless the boofhead who blithered this comment is an aboriginal, she herself is not an Australian.

Now I know this is a fairly small thing, it isn’t like National Action setting fire to Asian restaurants, but it does show us that there is still a lot of racist crap out there – and by that I mean both the comments and the primitives making them.

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