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Aussie Babies – Virtually Worthless

Aussie Babies – Virtually Worthless published on

A Sydney woman who murdered her two children because she was angry at their father’s infidelity has been given a maximum of six years in jail, and with time served she could be out on parole in early 2012! That’s as little as two and a half years for taking the lives of two innocent children.

The woman, who of course has not been named, gave her four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter rat poison mixed with sugar and water, but apparently that wasn’t quick enough for this scumbag so she proceeded to suffocate both children. She then slit her own wrists, supposedly in an attempt to take her life, or perhaps in the hope that it would garner her some sympathy from some idiot Judge.

Speaking of which…

This travesty of a sentence was handed down by NSW Supreme Court Justice Clifford Hoeben, who despite admitting that this child killer knew right from wrong and that retaliation against the husband was a motive, seems to think that her supposed remorse and depression somehow make up for the death of two small children. I suspect that the killer’s being in possession of a pair of tits has much  more to do with the leniency shown than any of the stated excuses. After all, I’ve yet to hear of a man who kills two children because the missus has been unfaithful, claims to be depressed and gets such a light sentence. But hey, women matter, men and children don’t.

My problem with this sentence is twofold. The first part is that I find the entire depression thing a ludicrous excuse for murder, and the second is that this only ever seems to be used to get women off the hook, and that of course raises the possibility that the people using the excuse know it’s a sham. But  regardless of sex, unless you’re actually psychotic, unless you have a psychiatric history proving, for example, that you genuinely thought killing the kids would prevent the Apocalypse or WWIII, you should burn for killing any child, especially your own.

In more decent times i would except this woman to be murdered by the other convicts, but chances are it’s only male convicts who still slaughter child killers these days. The female crims are probably busy swallowing excuses for this woman’s murderous deeds – after all, the judge is smarter than they are, and yet that’s what he did.

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