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Permanently suspended from Reddit

Permanently suspended from Reddit published on

That means “banned” by the way. Orwellian, huh?

So, looks like i’ve been permanently suspended from Reddit for a post that i had already deleted! Not even i can see the post now, but it was for r/unpopular opinion and it said, almost verbatim, that the American Establishment vilifies Whites because they are the ones most likely to rise up against said Establishment. It also said that Blacks have been taught to hate themselves, which is why they destroy their own neighborhoods rather than target the powerful, and that now it’s Whitey’s turn to be taught to hate himself. I assume it was saying that Blacks have been taught to hate themselves that did it as it implies that most American Blacks hate themselves, which is portraying a protected category in a negative light. Either that or the implication that rising up against the Establishment is a good thing. That wouldn’t surprise me since Reddit is part of the Establishment. This is the internet now, outside of the Right Wing outlets you can’t say shit, even if it’s something that has been a standard liberal opinion for decades. But frankly, this isn’t much of a loss as Reddit has become so restrictive that you find yourself not posting innocuous comments because you know some psycho admin is likely to deliberately misinterpret it so they can chuck you out — as happened today!

So, i decided this isn’t even worth appealing since even IF the appeal works — as it amazingly did last time —  Reddit just isn’t worth the hassle anymore. So i sent them this nicely worded “fuck you” instead. Seriously, these guys are working for the Plutocracy by furthering the vile agenda of the IdPol crowd and they should all be locked up for being class traitors.

After that i deleted my entire account.

EDIT: Found the entire post on DuckDuckGo. Not Google, of course. Odd, isn’t it? But anyway, now you don’t have to take my word for it that i didn’t say anything that a reasonable person would object to.

The Pigman Goeth (from Reddit)

The Pigman Goeth (from Reddit) published on

Yes, it had to happen and it did. Yesterday my main account at Reddit was “permanently suspended,” which is 1984-speak for “banned.” And what horrible, horrible thing did i do? Why, i did something that the SJWs dominating Reddit do on a daily basis — i called a bunch of people fascists!

A day or two before i had been banned from WhitePeopleTwitter for — get this — participating in subs like Louder with Crowder, so i responded to said ban with “you are fascists.” The next day i get a message saying i’ve been banned from the entire site for, you know, that thing i said. This is Reddit now. It is literally worse than Twitter. At least over there you have to say something that can be conveniently misinterpreted, but at Reddit all you have to do is express a negative opinion of some mods and that’s it,  you are gone. So what now? Obviously there’s no point to opening another account as myself, but i will probably find some way of using it for promotion purposes.

So there you have it, you now have to be ridiculously careful on Reddit. You literally can’t say anything negative about the mods, or any of the protected groups, which makes it pretty much useless for anyone except those looking to use Identity Politics to distract from class. Or those wishing to discuss pointless shit like celebs, because that too serves as great distraction from the big issues.

Screenshots below.  First one is the notice of suspension/ban, second is the “reported content” they linked to.

Banned from r/WhitePeopleTwitter

Banned from r/WhitePeopleTwitter published on

And for what, you may ask? As shown below, merely for participating in the Louder With Crowder sub, the prolife sub, and something i can’t even remember visiting. Note that they don’t even accuse me of LIKING those places, just participating in them. Now, while i like the Crowder sub, my views on abortion fall in the middle so there’s a good chance that if i ever visited prolife it was to argue with them about the idea that a clump of cells is a baby. But that’s how SJWs are. Even IF i was arguing with them, that in itself is forbidden. No discussion is allowed. The SJWs are right and everyone else is wrong and that’s that. Huey Long was right — fascism has come to America and it has done so in the guise of anti-fascism.

The state of free speech in Australia

The state of free speech in Australia published on

I mentioned a certain  law in a Reddit thread about some guy being kicked out of a panel show for supporting Russia’s vile attack on the Ukraine and someone asked for a link so i went looking and here it is.

Amazing as it seems, in Australia you can get up to three years in jail merely for offending someone on the internet. Seriously. The law is rarely enforced, but it’s there and it has a chilling effect on those who know it exists, which is to say very few of us. Piss off the right person and you may end up spending a fortune paying a lawyer to keep you from going to jail for having called someone a fucking moron. I’m not joking about the lightness of the insult either. It just has to be something a reasonable person would deem offensive, which these days means pretty much anything.

As i said, it is not often used, but all we need is a cultural and political shift for it to start being enforced against any annoying anti-Establishment gadfly who does too much buzzing.




Google filtering out what Canuck Hitler would call “unacceptable” results.

Google filtering out what Canuck Hitler would call “unacceptable” results. published on

I’m sure by now most here have seen the photo of the pigs standing on the Canadian flag. I decided to find out precisely who the pigs are so i did an image search using both Google and DuckDuckGo. Here are the results. Same search terms, same country (Australia) yet radically different results. Moral of story? Google is DEFINITELY censoring results.