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Rantings Of A Swineherd

Rantings Of A Swineherd published on

My manager now has a Substack. Partly it’s his way of saying “fuck you” to the fascist scum trying to shut it down, and partly it’s a place to say things that don’t fit in anywhere else. Virtually everything posted there will be for free or available on one of the websites.

Roll up to hear the Rantings Of A Swineherd!

Blowing up the CCP is not cool with Parler

Blowing up the CCP is not cool with Parler published on

More evidence of how censorious Parler has become since the venture capitalists took over. Some guy asked what would we do if we were the President of the United States. I gave an answer that is both reasonable and practical…

Note that i do not say we should kill the ordinary Chinese, which would NOT be reasonable. But the CCP itself? Why not? They ARE scum, after all. Anyway, this comment resulted in seven violation points. How you get 7 points for one infraction, i do not know — but then, i am not an Establishment institution looking for excuses to censor people.

I did consider specifying that it is the hierarchy i am referring to, not the ordinary members of the CCP, of which there are 90 million, but i thought that would be understood — and it probably was but they are simply pretending otherwise. So i deleted that comment and replaced it with this one.

The only way anyone can object to that one is if they are either tankies or looking for any excuse to censor us anti-establishment types. My guess is that it will also be found in violation and that my days at Parler are numbered. Not that it matters much now that it has become just another Establishment outlet.

Our so-called patriarchy abuses boys TO DEATH more often than girls

Our so-called patriarchy abuses boys TO DEATH more often than girls published on

Man, are we living in the worst patriarchy EVER or what? I bumped into this graph while doing research for an upcoming cartoon. I was actually looking for stats on baby deaths by accident as at that age such incidents seem likely to be neglect rather than due to the kid climbing a tree, but what i found was even better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it.

Oh, and the cartoon is an updating of one i did eleven years ago and it is somewhat disheartening to see that literally nothing has changed — except for the worse (which also happens to be the title of the cartoon itself.)



Parler — Now More Censorious Than Twitter

Parler — Now More Censorious Than Twitter published on

Just found this in my Parler inbox. A good example of how bad Parler’s moderation has become since they gave in to Big Tech. For context, this was in response to a story about a Muslim neighbor defending a teacher who is currently being targeted for murder by the British Taliban after showing some kids a picture of Mohamed. Seriously, not even fucking Twitter would complain about this one. I said it at the time the news came out and will say it again — now that Parler is under control of the mega-rich, its role as a place where the common man can voice his views is over. It may be run by Republicans now, but they seem to be Establishment Republicans, not populists like Trump.