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ManHater Of The Month – William Marston

ManHater Of The Month – William Marston published on

Have you ever looked at Wonder Woman and thought “Well, that’s a bit bloody feminist isn’t it?” Well, you were right. Not only is Wonder Woman a feminist icon which graced the cover of the first Ms Magazine but she was deliberately and consciously created to be an anti-male propaganda tool.

The character’s creator William Marston – psychologist, comic book writer, bondage fan and prototype of the modern man-hating American eunuch – was convinced that women were our superiors and that they could save the long suffering human race from what he called “the wicked world of men.”

In a 1940 Family Circle interview with Olive Richard (link removed Aug 2014 as the domain has been taken over by a porn site!), this blithering dunderhead spouts the kind of female supremacist crap beloved of male feminists everywhere. Ironically, given the supposed moral superiority of the female sex, Olive Richard pretends to be surprised by the similarity between her bracelets and those of Wonder Woman despite the fact that she lived with the married Marston and his wife in a ménage a trois (that’s French for “Oh shit, you mean I have to put up with TWO women in the house?”) and was fully aware that she had been part of the inspiration for the character!

But back to the interview. When asked by his little playmate if those dreadful men will ever stop fighting, Marston responds with….

“Oh, yes. But not until women control men,” and then proceeds to spout a lot of psychological claptrap about how men never really grow up and how they secretly want to be dominated by some powerful and gorgeous woman. Not surprisingly, no explanation is given as to why men throughout history have worked so hard to maintain control over women when it is supposedly the opposite that we actually want!

Elsewhere, Marston proudly proclaimed that he wanted the world to be a matriarchy and left no doubt as to what function the character originally named Suprema had in this bizarre master plan of his…

“Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world,”

I wonder what Marston would have to say about female superiority in these days of rising female crime, with all the female child murderers, thugettes and serial killers coming out of the wood work? It must have been easier to maintain such delusions about women in his day, but now? Why, he would have to be as stupid as Joe Biden to maintain such ideas, and he was obviously a bit smarter than that mountebank. So here you go Bill, here’s your Silver Pomegranate, and for god’s sake don’t do anything sexually weird with it!

As for Wonder Woman the character, I am no great fan as she strikes me as not only anti-male but also as rather bland. For my taste I’ll take the only slightly feminist Power Girl, who is not only more complex and interesting but also has bigger tits.

Wonder Woman pic is by Adam Hughes

Power Girl is by the fabulous Amanda Conner, who despite the unfortunate handicap of not having a penis is currently one of my favorite comic book artists.

Hot Brainy Chick Persecuted by Loony Christians

Hot Brainy Chick Persecuted by Loony Christians published on

A Polish pop singer with the unlikely handle of Dorota Rabczewska (thankfully she is better known as Doda, presumably because even the other Poles can’t pronounce her surname) is looking down the barrel of a two year jail sentence for having offended Christian sensibilities by suggesting their favorite page turner was written by drug-addled winos! And you thought the weasels at NOW were overly sensitive.

The 26 year old Mensan made a television appearance during which she explained that the dinosaur view of history was better supported than the idea that the universe was created in six days by The Angry Old Man Who Lives In The Sky….

“it is hard to believe in something written by people who drank too much wine and smoked herbal cigarettes.”

Not exactly a cartoon of the prophet Mohamed with a bomb in his turban, but in Catholic Poland it was close enough so the wankers had her charged under the country’s Draconian blasphemy laws.

According to  some man-child too weak to get through life without kidding himself that after it’s all over he’s going to spend eternity drinking tea and watering houseplants in god’s mansion…

“It is clear that Doda thinks that the Bible was written by drunkards and junkies,” Ryszard Nowak, chairman of the ironically named Christian group “Committee for the Defence Against Sects” screamed hysterically whilst rending his garments and gnashing his teeth.

“I believe that she committed a crime and offended the religious feelings of both Christians and Jews.”

Either that or she made a slightly offensive joke. And as for offending the Jews I don’t see them filing charges, perhaps because  after centuries of persecution and inquisitions they are wary of  Christian nutters.

Though I see no point in making references to booze and weed when going on about whoever it was that wrote the bible, neither do I believe in writing laws that allow fundamentalist loons to play Christian Taliban, so let me put aside my usually tactful and diplomatic ways and say it straight – people who take the bible literally are idiots, weaklings and fools. Either that or drug-addled winos.


I think she should get a pass just for being proof that not all smart women are ugly.

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South Australian Girls – Now With More Violence!

South Australian Girls – Now With More Violence! published on

As has become the norm in the Anglosphere, girls in the state of South Australia are becoming increasingly violent, with young females now accounting for 25% of all assaults committed by teenagers during the last financial year.

According to the statistics, over the last couple of years violent crime and assaults committed by the girlies of S.A have increased by 40%, underage drinking has doubled, and disorderly and offensive behavior has increased by 170%.

The so-called experts put the increases down to greater alcohol usage and online bullying, but I’m not quite sure how the latter works, as online bullying doesn’t usually result in bloody noses and broken teeth! I also find it hard to believe that any more than a tiny proportion of these crimes are being committed by girls who want to upload a video to YouTube!

As for alcohol usage, that’s really no excuse at all, as alcohol also fuels most violence by males. I suspect the reason alcohol is so often brought up in these discussions is because a lot of people don’t know that alcohol is a major factor in most male violence, and not knowing this they are likely to formulate the opinion that young men beat people up just because “boys will be boys”, whereas young women beat people up because the poor dears have been at the piss!

What everyone seems to be studiously avoiding is the main factor, which is that over the last 20 years our popular culture has changed drastically in what it tells girls is acceptable female behavior. A media that used to give 99% of its incentives to be violent to men and boys is now sending a significant number of these incentives to girls, and the results have been predictable to anyone who is not caught up in the idea that males are more violent by nature.

To admit that it is primarily the culture making girls more violent would be to imply that it is primarily the culture that makes boys violent, and this of course runs counter to what has become mainstream feminism. Worse yet, given that the culture is still for the most part aimed at encouraging male violence-for every Buffy and Xena, there are still dozens of Vin Diesels and Dwayne Johnsons- such an admission could lead people to wonder just how violent females would become if they were getting an equal number of incentives to go around thumping people!

And that’s a something that the feminists and their buddies in the media do not want people wondering, as it might lead to the obvious conclusion that  men aren’t the greater of the two evils – they might in fact be the lesser.


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Maryland State Thugs Bash Boy

Maryland State Thugs Bash Boy published on

Cops (I am tempted to call them pigs, but why should I insult myself?) in the US state of Maryland pounced on a 21-year-old man doing a silly dance while celebrating his basketball team’s win, beat the crap out of him, and then blamed the boy’s injuries on their own horses!

The baton-wielding thugs later claimed in a report that the boy had attacked them (well, they would wouldn’t they?) and that the horses had simply jumped to their riders’ defense! Problem with this story is that another of the students present at the incident had a video camera and his footage clearly shows an unprovoked case of assault and battery, and it sure as hell wasn’t the horses wielding those batons.

And how small are the chances these guys will do any jail time for this brutal crime? Very small of course, and even then they will be under protective custody and probably get special treatment from their buddies the guards. One has to wonder how often this happens without a camera being present, and if the accounts of other students are anything to go by, it probably happens quite often – on that particular night it apparently happened another five times, it just wasn’t filmed.

When asked about the incident the Police Chief feigned outrage by saying…

“I was outraged.”

But what has he actually done with this outrage? Not much, he has merely suspended one of the officers, so what he felt must have been a surprisingly mild case of outrage. The chief also says that the other cops involved in the attack will probably be fired, but the victim’s family think at least some of them should go to jail and I agree – if Joe average picked up by heavy stick and beat the crap out of someone on video you can bet he’d get a lot worse than just a dismissal from his job.

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Nannie Doss Got The Pussy Pass

Nannie Doss Got The Pussy Pass published on

Nannie Doss was an American serial killer who between the 1920s and the 1950s wiped out 11 members of her family -four husbands, two of her own children, her dear old mom, both sisters, a nephew, a granddaughter and a grandson!

As is so often the case with female serial killers, Doss’s weapon of choice was poison -except in the cases of her two-year-old grandson whom she suffocated, and a newborn granddaughter through whose skull she stuck a hat pin!

Apart from being yet another example of the kind of evil woman Western society likes to sweep under the rug, Doss is of interest for two other reasons. The first is that it is difficult to imagine that a male serial killer could kill so many members of his family and take 30 years to be found out! Imagine a man who loses wife after wife in suspicious circumstances and doesn’t have the police pouncing on him after the second or third one! Yet in the case of Doss, it a three decade murder spree before a doctor finally realized there was something suspicious about the death of her fifth husband and had ordered an autopsy which revealed that the man is system was filled with arsenic!

The other thing that caught my attention about this case was that the authorities refused to pursue the death penalty simply because she was a woman! No obfuscation here, they actually stated outright that no one in that state had ever pursued the death penalty against a woman and they werent going to be the first. So instead of being executed Nannie Doss was simply thrown into jail, where she died 10 years later from leukemia -let’s hope it was slow and painful. In this sense things have probably improved somewhat in the last 50 years or so as the authorities had no problem executing Aileen Wuornos, despite the fact that she killed no children and no members of the sacred sex.

Doss’ murders, jolly disposition and the fact that no one seemed willing to suspect her are the prime inspiration behind a screenplay that Michael is currently working on. If anything comes of this I will let you know, but let’s keep in mind that Michael has a history of starting yet never finishing quite a few screenplays – so don’t be holding your breath for a Nannie Doss movie anytime soon.