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Dumbass Woman Can’t Tell East from West

Dumbass Woman Can’t Tell East from West published on

Because the American political scene wasn’t already enough of a joke, Sarah Palin has recently been given her own reality tv show, a move which has put her prowess as an outdoorsy type under the microscope, and which has given the world yet another glimpse into what is no doubt the finest conservative intellect of her generation.

In a recent episode of her show, Palin and her old dad went a-huntin’ and, much as she did during a recent radio interview, the poor addled woman forgot to bring her compass with her.

One morning, Palin and her old man were setting out for a day of happy go lucky critter killin’ (mostly cos there weren’t no Injuns around)  when the perpetually bewildered female pointed to the horizon and suggested that the two should go west. Her poor old dad, perhaps wondering why his twilight years should be blighted by the presence of such an idiot child, paused awkwardly before noting that the woman who would be president was in fact pointing to the east!

Apparently she’s not much of a hunter either as she takes five shots to hit a stationary caribou, gets her dad to load the gun for her, and has occasionally been heard referring to her rifle as “the Boom thingy!”

It’s a good thing Sarah Palin wasn’t alive when the United States catch cry was “Go west”  – she would probably have ended up settling somewhere in Brooklyn.

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