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South Australian Girls – Now With More Violence!

South Australian Girls – Now With More Violence! published on

As has become the norm in the Anglosphere, girls in the state of South Australia are becoming increasingly violent, with young females now accounting for 25% of all assaults committed by teenagers during the last financial year.

According to the statistics, over the last couple of years violent crime and assaults committed by the girlies of S.A have increased by 40%, underage drinking has doubled, and disorderly and offensive behavior has increased by 170%.

The so-called experts put the increases down to greater alcohol usage and online bullying, but I’m not quite sure how the latter works, as online bullying doesn’t usually result in bloody noses and broken teeth! I also find it hard to believe that any more than a tiny proportion of these crimes are being committed by girls who want to upload a video to YouTube!

As for alcohol usage, that’s really no excuse at all, as alcohol also fuels most violence by males. I suspect the reason alcohol is so often brought up in these discussions is because a lot of people don’t know that alcohol is a major factor in most male violence, and not knowing this they are likely to formulate the opinion that young men beat people up just because “boys will be boys”, whereas young women beat people up because the poor dears have been at the piss!

What everyone seems to be studiously avoiding is the main factor, which is that over the last 20 years our popular culture has changed drastically in what it tells girls is acceptable female behavior. A media that used to give 99% of its incentives to be violent to men and boys is now sending a significant number of these incentives to girls, and the results have been predictable to anyone who is not caught up in the idea that males are more violent by nature.

To admit that it is primarily the culture making girls more violent would be to imply that it is primarily the culture that makes boys violent, and this of course runs counter to what has become mainstream feminism. Worse yet, given that the culture is still for the most part aimed at encouraging male violence-for every Buffy and Xena, there are still dozens of Vin Diesels and Dwayne Johnsons- such an admission could lead people to wonder just how violent females would become if they were getting an equal number of incentives to go around thumping people!

And that’s a something that the feminists and their buddies in the media do not want people wondering, as it might lead to the obvious conclusion that  men aren’t the greater of the two evils – they might in fact be the lesser.


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