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Psycho Woman’s Shooting Rampage

Psycho Woman’s Shooting Rampage published on

It had to happen, and now it has – a female academic has finally decided to do literally what her kind have been doing symbolically for decades by shooting up a university.

Amy Bishop turned up at a faculty meeting at the University of Alabama this past Friday, pulled out a 9mm handgun and killed everyone she could get her deranged mitts on. Three people were slain, three were wounded, and if the Alabama authorities fail to notice the murderous neurologist’s gazongas, she may get a one way ticket to a nice cozy hole in the ground courtesy of the Alabama penal system.

Speculation is rife that the shooting was motivated by Bishop having been denied tenure last year, but given that this is the same Amy Bishop who shot her brother dead back in the eighties , and that in the early nineties she was a suspect in a letter bomb plot against a man she had a professional clash with, what we may have here is yet another Natural Born GynoBeast just looking for an excuse to let her inner woman out of the patriarchal cage.

In the 1986 killing of her brother, which took place in her home state of Massachusetts, Bishop was in the process of being booked when the police chief at the time had the process stopped and ordered his subordinates to free her into the custody of her mommy, who purely by coincidence just happened to be a public official who had frequent dealings with the police force! Equally coincidental is the disappearance of the case file on the 1986 incident! Damn them space aliens – anally probing kidnappees and mutilating cattle isn’t enough, now they’re stealing police records as well!

As our trigger-happy moral superior was led away after her latest escapade, she was heard to blither…

“It didn’t happen. There’s no way. They’re still alive.”

Ah, so that’s going to be her defense – she thought the gun was loaded with blanks!

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