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Another Black Male Headed For the Big House

Another Black Male Headed For the Big House published on


Michigan man Leon Walker, the  third husband of Clara Walker, was concerned that Clara was stepping out on him with her abusive second husband, so he got into her email account in order to confirm his suspicions….

Upon learning that he was indeed being deceived, he turned the evidence of the affair over to the wife’s first husband, i.e the father of  Clara’s young son, a child who had on at least one occasion been treated to the sight of his step daddy beating the crap out of mommy. As a result of the affair, the boy is now in the custody of his father – that’s the first husband, the non-abusive one. Confusing I know but don’t blame me, Clara’s the one who gets around.

So now the Oakland County Prosecutor, a cowpat of a woman called Jessica R. Cooper, wants to lock Leon Walker up for five years on a charge of “felony computer misuse”! Now, does Cooper truly believe that this man is a threat to society, or does this have something to do with the contents of his pants? Would she have charged a woman in this situation? I think not, and I’ll tell you why – because in Michigan adultery is still illegal, yet Cooper has not charged the wife with said crime!

If I ever run into Jessica Cooper, I plan to make some felony misuse of a baseball bat, but as it is I will just send her a nasty email at

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Maryland State Thugs Bash Boy

Maryland State Thugs Bash Boy published on

Cops (I am tempted to call them pigs, but why should I insult myself?) in the US state of Maryland pounced on a 21-year-old man doing a silly dance while celebrating his basketball team’s win, beat the crap out of him, and then blamed the boy’s injuries on their own horses!

The baton-wielding thugs later claimed in a report that the boy had attacked them (well, they would wouldn’t they?) and that the horses had simply jumped to their riders’ defense! Problem with this story is that another of the students present at the incident had a video camera and his footage clearly shows an unprovoked case of assault and battery, and it sure as hell wasn’t the horses wielding those batons.

And how small are the chances these guys will do any jail time for this brutal crime? Very small of course, and even then they will be under protective custody and probably get special treatment from their buddies the guards. One has to wonder how often this happens without a camera being present, and if the accounts of other students are anything to go by, it probably happens quite often – on that particular night it apparently happened another five times, it just wasn’t filmed.

When asked about the incident the Police Chief feigned outrage by saying…

“I was outraged.”

But what has he actually done with this outrage? Not much, he has merely suspended one of the officers, so what he felt must have been a surprisingly mild case of outrage. The chief also says that the other cops involved in the attack will probably be fired, but the victim’s family think at least some of them should go to jail and I agree – if Joe average picked up by heavy stick and beat the crap out of someone on video you can bet he’d get a lot worse than just a dismissal from his job.

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The Great Freddo Robbery!

The Great Freddo Robbery! published on

A twelve year old boy has been charged with receiving stolen goods after a friend gave him stolen Freddo Frog (one of Australia’s most popular kiddie chocolates).

The boy is an aboriginal, or as Silvio Berlusconi would put it, he is “tanned”, and i’m sure that didn’t help his case any, given that Aboriginal kids are almost 30 times more likely than other kids to be in the clink on any given day. Poor little bugger, male and black in a western country – how’s that for being twice damned…

The young boy, who is apparently perceived by the authorities in Western Australia as the greatest threat to Australian law and order since the days of Ned Kelly, was held for several hours in the local lockup after being arrested and also faces a second charge over receiving a novelty sign from the same friend. This sign apparently reads ”Do not enter, genius at work,” so it is a safe bet that it wasn’t stolen from a Western Australian cop’s office.

The little menace’s lawyer, Peter Collins, has asked the WA police to drop the charges but has so far not been given a response.

John Fogarty, a children’s rights campaigner told the media…

”If this was a non-indigenous child, the most he would probably get in Victoria and most other jurisdictions, would be the mildest of warnings by the local sergeant.”

If the sentencing disparities between white adults are anything to go by, he probably wouldn’t  even get that if it wasn’t for his willy.

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Australian Man Kills Abusive Wife

Australian Man Kills Abusive Wife published on

The primary reason I’ve taken an interest in this story is that it is the male equivalent of so many cases where the sexes are reversed – someone kills their spouse then claims long term abuse and/or self defense in an attempt to get off the hook. Women like Mary Winkler got away with it, perhaps justifiably as contrary to some urban legends the alleged abuse was much more serious than those famously tacky shoes and was corroborated by her family, so I’m curious to see if what works for the American goose also works for the Australian gander…

Sydney man Frank Haschka, a seriously loaded builder from the well-to-do Eastern suburb of Woollahra, has entered a not guilty plea to his wife’s murder claiming that he acted in self defense. Haschka claims that shortly after Christmas 2007, his long-time abuser got drunk and attacked him with a knife, leading him to strangle her to death.

According to the dead woman’s son, his mother would often get drunk and hurl dishes and knives at her husband. ”It was a very difficult environment to live in,” said Andrew Haschka. Apparently so difficult that Andrew cites his mother’s behavior as the main reason he left home.

Andrew’s wife Victoria told the court that the her mother-in-law was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde…

”there were two Moniques”. ”There was the public one, which was beautiful and charming and then there was the other one, which could be terrifying… When she was drunk … that was incredibly difficult to be around.” Victoria also claims that when Andrew Haschka suggested to his mother that she had a drinking problem she became enraged and started throwing plates and knives at him, just like dad claims she did to him.

Charming woman, this Monique Haschka seems to have been. The more I read on this case the more I think old Frank should get the Mary Winkler – a couple of months and that’s that. Of course, for such a thing to happen we’ll have to hope his willy doesn’t get in the way…

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Aussie Babies – Virtually Worthless

Aussie Babies – Virtually Worthless published on

A Sydney woman who murdered her two children because she was angry at their father’s infidelity has been given a maximum of six years in jail, and with time served she could be out on parole in early 2012! That’s as little as two and a half years for taking the lives of two innocent children.

The woman, who of course has not been named, gave her four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter rat poison mixed with sugar and water, but apparently that wasn’t quick enough for this scumbag so she proceeded to suffocate both children. She then slit her own wrists, supposedly in an attempt to take her life, or perhaps in the hope that it would garner her some sympathy from some idiot Judge.

Speaking of which…

This travesty of a sentence was handed down by NSW Supreme Court Justice Clifford Hoeben, who despite admitting that this child killer knew right from wrong and that retaliation against the husband was a motive, seems to think that her supposed remorse and depression somehow make up for the death of two small children. I suspect that the killer’s being in possession of a pair of tits has much  more to do with the leniency shown than any of the stated excuses. After all, I’ve yet to hear of a man who kills two children because the missus has been unfaithful, claims to be depressed and gets such a light sentence. But hey, women matter, men and children don’t.

My problem with this sentence is twofold. The first part is that I find the entire depression thing a ludicrous excuse for murder, and the second is that this only ever seems to be used to get women off the hook, and that of course raises the possibility that the people using the excuse know it’s a sham. But  regardless of sex, unless you’re actually psychotic, unless you have a psychiatric history proving, for example, that you genuinely thought killing the kids would prevent the Apocalypse or WWIII, you should burn for killing any child, especially your own.

In more decent times i would except this woman to be murdered by the other convicts, but chances are it’s only male convicts who still slaughter child killers these days. The female crims are probably busy swallowing excuses for this woman’s murderous deeds – after all, the judge is smarter than they are, and yet that’s what he did.

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