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Oh, My Goodness Gracious Me!

Oh, My Goodness Gracious Me! published on

Once again the left has decided to make itself look like a pack of dumbasses by being outraged by Ashton Kutcher’s extremely bad impression of an Indian man in some stupid commercial for some sort of (probably) carcinogenic snack.

Idiots across the internet are screaming hysterically that the whole thing is dreadfully racist, and as is so often the case, the company making the junk food in question has wimped out and pulled the Indian character. It has not, of course, pulled the stoner, the biker and the fashionista, presumably because they are bigots who think it is okay to poke fun at some groups but not at others.

Fact is, this is just a stupid (and staggeringly unfunny) ad for the kind of garbage eaten by the kind of morons who laugh at Two and a Half Men, and that’s all it is. It doesn’t portray the Indian man as an inferior person, nor does it in any way vilify him. Sure, he’s a stereotype but what the hell are the other characters in the ad? That’s right, they are stereotypes. That self-important Indians who think they deserve to be treated with more dignity than other groups would complain does not surprise me. What does surprise me is that sites like The Guardian are joining the chorus of jackanapes. Have the editors at The Guardian no concept of the real problems being faced by the left? You know, minor matters like war and corporate greed? This strikes me as yet another sad case of the left allowing unimportant matters to distract them from the real work of the left, which is to fight for class equity, and leave the faux outrage to latte-sipping “liberals” who have no objection to poverty and classism — as long as it effects everyone on the color spectrum equally.

The red herring is below, and here is some pinhead at The Guardian blithering about the whole affair. Notice how the writer demeans Kutcher by calling him “the former Mr Demi Moore.” But that’s okay at The Guardian — as Kutcher is not a woman it’s okay to mock him for not being as big a star as his ex spouse.