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Kiddie Sluts For Halloween

Kiddie Sluts For Halloween published on

The skankification of American girlhood is set to continue unabated this Halloween with these slutty offerings aimed at girls 10-12.

I bumped into this topic on The NYPost, and trusting the Post about as much as I do the NYTimes, I had to check it for myself. So i did a bit of surfing and I found these charming examples of what the rich bastards who own these companies think your little girls should be wearing this Halloween.

First we have the kind of Police Woman outfit that one would expect Jenna Jameson to wear in one of her movies…

Mini skirt, high heels and the kind of look one expects from a hooker in Times Square! One can almost hear the words “Hey big boy, looking for a good time?” issuing from the mouth of someone who should instead be uttering the words “Boys? Yeeech! Cooties!” But here’s the most shocking thing about this offering –  it’s not from “Sluts R Us”, it’s from “Toys R Us”‘ and it’s recommended for ten to twelve year olds !

But the prize for creepiest contrast goes to the folks at who sell this  Alice costume for little girls…

Notice the come hither look, the mini skirt and the tight top, accentuating whatever bust-line a kid that age has. Then look at the adult version from the same company…

Apart from the model’s unfortunate resemblance to Paris Hilton, there’s nothing slutty about it. No come hither look, a long skirt instead of a short one, and whatever that apron type thingy is ( i suspect it’s an apron) it completely obscures her breasts. Hell, even the leggings cover the entire leg rather than stopping at the calf! She looks like she should be playing a spinsterish schoolmarm in an old John Wayne movie! The little girl version on the other hand looks like it belongs on a hooker! How twisted is that?

What happened to carving some pumpkins and watching a Peanuts special about Linus’ obsession with the Great Pumpkin? I’ll tell you what happened to such innocent fare. It slowly gave way to a culture that tries to squeeze as much money as possible out of everyone in sight, and if the Corporate sharks see more money in teaching your daughters to dress like pedophile bait rather than in filling their rooms with Snoopy dolls, the former is what they’ll do.