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Two women tortured a five year old boy

Two women tortured a five year old boy published on

Two L.A women — Starkeisha Brown and her girlfriend Krystal Denise Matthews — have been sentenced to surprisingly (given their sex) long jail terms for torturing Brown’s 5 year old son.

These two caring, naturally nurturing females spent over a year starving and torturing the little boy,who when found was suffering from kidney failure, malnutrition and anemia,and had cigarette burns  on his body and genitals as well as severe burns to his hands.

The boy’s  ordeal came to an end when a female stranger noticed him at a train station, was told by the child “She put my hand on top of the stove,” and later contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Compton Judge Jerry Johnson gave Brown 15 years and  Matthews 14 years after a plea bargain supposedly designed to spare the victim and child witnesses from having to testify.

If these two were men, the other cons would probably see to it that they got what they deserved. But with women always making excuses for one another these days, i’m pretty sure that the other female cons won’t do shit, so i can only hope that sooner or later both these scumbags run into a serial killer who spends weeks torturing them, then disembowels and dismembers them . I’m not kidding.

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