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Freedom Of Speech Takes Another Hit

Freedom Of Speech Takes Another Hit published on

“LOL. Fuck Muamba he’s dead !!!” These are, in the U.K at least, a good enough reason to send a young man to jail for almost two months. Such were the words twitted by thick headed young Welshman Liam Stacey upon hearing that black soccer player Fabrice Muamba had supposedly carked it on the field. Stacey then responded to criticism from other posters with these charming tweets in which his detractors are slagged off left, right, and centre, and in which negroes and “wogs” (apparently English racists apply the latter term to blacks, Indians and even southern Europeans, so precisely who was being insulted is debatable) are disparaged. But these comments, though offensive, don’t exactly put him in the league of a Klansman — far as I can tell, he wasn’t exactly calling for the extermination of the black race or even for the killing of Muamba himself, so what’s with the Draconian sentence? No violence was done, no violence was incited, yet the Judge claims he had no choice but to impose a custodial sentence of 56 days. Is the judge really that stupid? Probably, or he wouldn’t have been made a judge.

Where my porcine bullshit detector starts smelling an ulterior motive is in the pollies who create these restrictive laws. One day they are jailing some young idiot for a few racist remarks, the next they are jailing citizens for saying it’s time for a revolution, or that the government is evil and must be taken down. After all, exactly what are the government doing for blacks in the UK anyway? Probably less than they are doing for the whites, that’s what, yet when some fool opens his mouth they suddenly turn into the Black Panther Party? Unlikely. What is more likely is that such harsh punishment over a minor offense is yet another step towards the kind of society that crushes any form of dissent, and if the powers that be must play the paladin in order to later play the tyrant that’s just fine with them.

Nor will they be alone in their efforts to silence those they disagree with. Perhaps the most worrying part of all this is that Stacey was actually reported to the police by the other posters. Again, keep in mind that he didn’t threaten any violence, he just said something unpopular and next thing you know his fellow citizens have sent the police round to his place. I guess Orwell was wrong, it isn’t Big Brother watching, it’s a bunch of idiots with Twitter accounts, which in some ways is worse because it allows the government to claim that they are not the ones going after the target — it’s the British public’s will and the coppers are merely the instruments of justice.


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