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Armed Thug Shot Dead by Dutiful Citizen

Armed Thug Shot Dead by Dutiful Citizen published on

Or at least that’s how the filth in Sanford, Florida see it, or they would have charged Trayvon Martin’s killer with some thing, any thing.

17 year old Trayvon went for a walk to buy his kid brother some Skittles. On the way back George Zimmerman, a white guy with a history of violence, calls 911 and says the boy is behaving suspiciously — which I take it is some sort of racist code for “Holy shit, there’s a nigger in my neighborhood!” — and they had better send some bully boys round. The 911 operator told Zimmerman to stay put, but of course no self-respecting white man can have a black boy wandering around — no doubt planning on raping the women and selling crack to small children — so our white knight puts on his sheet, grabs his gun, gets into the car and follows the Big Bad. A confrontation ensues, the less worthy of the two ends up in the morgue, and the white guy — remember, he’s the one on the right side of the barrel, the one who wasn’t screaming for help — claims self-defense and the cops buy the story. No charges, no investigation, just a “You seem like an honest (read white) sort, we’ll take your word for it and we apologize for wasting your time. Please feel free to send us a bill for the cost of the bullets.”

And who knows, maybe the black guy charged the white guy with a knife, maybe he had a rocket launcher hidden in the packet of Skittles, but the thing is we don’t know because the filth haven’t bothered to find out. If both parties had been white there would almost certainly have been an investigation, and if the races had been reversed you can bet your house on the cops taking a microscope to the whole matter. As it is, the FBI has now heeded calls to look into the most suspect black death since Oscar Grant got tasered with a handgun, thanks in part to petitions like this one at Color of Change. You don’t need to be an American to sign it, so if you have some sort of vague objection to black males being shot left, right, and center for god knows what reason, check it out — though the goal has already been achieved, it can’t hurt to add to the numbers.

There is also a Facebook page here.

Article on the shooting here

Article on Zimmerman here, and don’t let his relative swarthiness fool you, even if he is part Hispanic (with a name like Zimmerman it is unlikely to be a big part) what matters is that the cops perceived and described him as white. And hey, who knows, maybe if he is Latino the racists in the police departiment will finally go after him — kill two birds with one shot so to speak.