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Monster! published on

Nine year old Emanyea Lockett has made two big mistakes in his life so far. First, he was born to idiots who gave him a weird and unpronounceable name; second, he called a teacher belonging to The Sex That Matters “cute!”

Not “hot mama” mind you, nor “Ms Bootilicious,” and never at any point did he yell out “Yo bitch, you are one fiiiine looking ho!” Nope, he just said she was cute, and not even to her face but to another student. Some asshole sub who takes their puritan heritage as seriously as they do their feminist leanings overheard this and reported the oppressive little bastard to the principal, who proceeded to suspend the boy for sexual harassment!

And yes, I noticed he’s black. Blacks are animals, men are animals, so this kid is a beast twice over – I’m surprised they let him through the gates to begin with.

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