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Post Partum Abortion

Post Partum Abortion published on

Elyse Mamino, who in November of 2008 gave birth to a baby into a toilet bowl, then tried to drown it in said toilet, has been found mentally fit to go to trial.

The fact that this woman tried to drown her newborn baby girl in a toilet is sickening enough, but what makes this case even more outrageous is that after two weeks in hospital the baby girl was handed back to, you guessed it, the psycho mom who tried to drown her at birth! How’s that for evidence that powerful elements of society (in this case the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services) see children as women’s property? Who cares if Psycho Mom finishes what she started? As long as mommy doesn’t have her ownership rights violated all is right with the world.

Further compounding this outrage is that the ensuing investigation led to police finding the body of yet another baby stashed in Elyse Mamino’s basement. This child however was so badly decomposed that the cops have been unable to ascertain the cause of death, so the Gyno-Beast hasn’t been charged with anything in relation to that tragedy. Only after this discovery did the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services take the child back form her! I guess even the darkest of minds get the ocasional sunbeam of reason.

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